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Academic Appointments & Teaching

  • 2015-Present      Chair, Performance Studies Graduate Group, UC Davis.
  • 2014-Present       Director, Institute for Social Sciences, UC Davis.
  • 2009-Present       Professor, STS and Anthropology,  UC Davis.
  • 2005-2014          Founding Director, Program in Science and Technology Studies, UC Davis.
  • 2005-2009          Associate Professor, STS and Anthropology, UC Davis.
  • 2002-2006          Associate Professor, Program in Science, Technology & Society, MIT.
  • 1998-2002          Assistant Professor, Program in Science, Technology & Society, MIT.
  • 1998-2006          Member of Comparative Media Studies faculty, MIT.
  • 1997-2007          Lecturer on Social Medicine, Department of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School.
  • 2001                 Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Science, Harvard University (Spring).
  • 2000-2001          Program Leader for Public Engagement, Program on Technology and Ethics.
  • 1997-1998          Postdoctoral Fellow, Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology, MIT.
  • 1997-1998          Tutor, History of Science, Harvard University.
  • 1996-1997          Lecturer, Anthropology, MIT.
  • 1995-1997          NIMH Research Fellow, Department of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School.
  • 1994-1995          Fellow, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History.
  • 1990                 Lecturer, Kresge College, University of California at Santa Cruz.

Grants and Awards

  • 2015-2016         Co-PI, UC Multicampus Research Program Initiative (MRPI), “UC Collaboratory for Ethnographic Design,” PI: Elana Zilberg, #MR-15-328932, $280K.
  • 2015-2016 Participant, Research Council of Norway, SAMKUL Researcher Network Grant, “Go Figure: Visualizing Climate Change (FIGO),” PI: Rasmus T. Slaattelid.
  • 2014-Present    Co-PI, NSF “EAGER: Development of software citation methodology for open source computational science,” 3 years funding, NSF# 1448633, $300K.
  • 2013-2016       Cluster Leader for Games and Science, Games in the Digital Humanities, 3 years funding IFHA grant. $750K.
  • 2013-16             Herbert A. Young Society Deans’ Fellow.
  • 2012-15             Core faculty, Digital Cultures grant, 3 years funding. Mellon Foundation. $300K.
  • 2012-18             Local Co-PI IMMERSe grant for gaming studies and development. 5 years funding Candaidan SSHRC. $2.3M.
  • 2011-16             Co-PI, NSF “CI-TEAM Impl: Dynamic Interdisciplinary Research Environment to Engage and Develop a Cyber-Ready Workforce in the Geosciences, Social Sciences, and Computer Sciences”, 5 years funding, NSF# 1135588. $990K.
  • 2011-12             Core faculty member on Sawyer Seminar (de la Cadena)
  • 2010                 University of California Institute for Research in the Arts for an Integrative Methodologies planning grant: “Expressing the CAVES: Art & Science in 3D Immersive Dialogue”. $2.5K
  • 2010                 Convener, Faculty Research Seminar on “Global Health and Medicine”, Davis Humanities Institute.
  • 2009                 Core Faculty in Humanities Innovation Lab, Davis Humanities Institute.
  • 2009-14             NSF Scholar’s Award, “How Flowcharts Got into the Brain: Diagramming Brains, Minds and Computers Together”, 5 years funding. NSF# 0924988. $280K
  • 2008                 Medical Anthropology Student Association (MASA) Graduate Student Mentoring Award. Society for Medical Anthropology.
  • 2007                 PI, with Michelle Stewart, “Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: 21st Century Policing and the New Community Order.” NSF #0719104.
  • 2006                 Rachel Carson Book Prize winner for Picturing Personhood, Society for Social Studies of Science.
  • 2006                 National Science Foundation, conference grant for “From Experimental Systems to Experimental States: Anthropology at the Intersection of Life, Science and Capital” co-PI with Kaushik Sunder Rajan.
  • 2005                 The Diana Forsythe Prize winner for Picturing Personhood, American Anthropological Association.
  • 2004                 PI, with Nathan Greenslit, “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Medi(c)ating Illness: An Ethnographic Exploration of Women’s Health Education in the Age of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising,” NSF Award ID# 0426130.
  • 2004                 School of Humanities and Social Science Award.
  • 2004                 Collaborator, “IGERT: Assessing the Implications of Emerging Technologies: A Graduate Research and Training Program,” NSF# 0333010 (participant only).
  • 2003                 Levitan Prize in the Humanities.
  • 2003                 Graduate Student Council Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • 2002                 Development Award, Class of 1972 Fund for Educational Innovation.
  • 2002                 Co-PI, “ITR: Information Technologies and Professional Identity: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Virtuality,” NSF Award ID# 0220347 (co-wrote).
  • 2002                 School of Humanities and Social Science Award.
  • 2002                 MIT Alumni Award for Course Development.
  • 1999                 Provost Award for collaborative work with the Media Lab.
  • 1994-1995          Dissertation Improvement Award, National Science Foundation.
  • 1993                 Research Grant, Center for the History of Physics, American Institute of Physics.
  • 1989                 Ford Foundation Research Award, Rice University.


  • 1989-1995          Ph.D. in History of Consciousness, University of California at Santa Cruz.
  • 1984-1989          B.A. in Anthropology, Philosophy, and Sociology, Rice University.


  • 2012                 Drugs for Life: Growing Health through Facts and Pharmaceuticals, Duke University Press.
  • 2004                 Picturing Personhood: Brain Scans and Biomedical Identity, Princeton University Press.

Edited Books

  • 2007                 Biomedicine as Culture: Instrumental Practices, Technoscientific Knowledge, and New Modes of Life, Co-edited with Regula Burri. (Routledge).
  • 1998                 Cyborg Babies: From Techno-Sex to Techno-Tots. Co-edited with Robbie E. Davis-Floyd  (Routledge).  (Selected one of the Top 25 Books of the Year by the Voice Literary Supplement). Co-wrote introduction with Davis-Floyd.
  • 1997                 Cyborgs and Citadels: Anthropological Interventions in Emerging Sciences and Technologies, Co-edited with Gary Lee Downey (SAR Press). Co-wrote introduction with Downey.

Articles and Chapters

  • Forthcoming     “Infernal Alternatives of Pharmaceutical Research”, Medical Anthropology, special issue on “Global Side Effects,” eds. Li Zhang and Lisa Davis.
  • 2016    “Art, Design, and Performance” with Chris Salter and Regula Burri, for Handbook of Science and Technology Studies (2016).
  • 2016    “Sciences and Senses of Fascia: A Practice as Research Investigation,” with Kevin O’Connor, in Embodied Performance, eds. Lynette Hunter, Elisabeth Krimmer, and Peter Lichtenfels
  • 2016    “Plastic diagrams: Circuits in the Brain and How They Got There,” in Plasticity and Pathology: On the Formation of the Neural Subject eds. David Bates & Nima Bassiri. New York: Fordham University Press. Pp. 219-267.
  • 2015    “The Fragile Unity of Neuroscience,” afterword to Neuroscience and Critique, eds. Jan De Vos and Ed Pluth. Routledge.
  • 2015    E.M. Heien, L. Hwang, A.E. Fish, L.Soito, M. Smith, J. Dumit, L.H. Kellogg. Software Attribution for Geoscience Applications (SAGA). 2015. Presented at 2015 SI2 PI Workshop, Arlington, Virginia, 17-28 Feb. 10.7921/G0NP22CW
  • 2015    L. Hwang, J. Dumit, A. Fish, L. Soito, L.H. Kellogg and M. Smith. Software Attribution for Geoscience Applications in the Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics. 2015. Abstract IN53B-1846 presented at 2015 Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, Calif., 14-18 Dec.
  • 2014                 “Writing the Implosion: Teaching the World One Thing at a Time.” Cultural Anthropology29, no. 2: 344-362.
  • 2014                 “Plastic Neuroscience: Studying What the Brain Cares About,” Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, v.8, n.176, doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00176
  • 2014                 Addendum to “Commercialism in Science,” in Encyclopedia of Bioethics, ed. Bruce Jennings. Macmillan Reference.
  • 2014                 “How (Not) to Do Things with Brain Images.” In Coopmans, Vertesi, Lynch & Woolgar, eds. Representation in Scientific Practice Revisited. Boston: MIT Press. Pp 291-313. 
  • 2014                 “Graphing Bodies” with Marianne de Laet, in Routledge Handbook on Science, Technology and Society, Daniel Lee Kleinman and Kelly Moore (editors), Routledge.
  • 2013                 “Operationalizing a One Health approach to global health challenges.” With Patricia A Conrad and Laura A. Meek. Comparative Immunology & Microbiology of Infectious Diseases. May;36(3):211-6. doi: 10.1016/j.cimid.2013.03.006. Epub 2013 May 24.
  • 2012                 “Collaborative Visual Interpretation of Large Datasets”. Abstract with E Stevens, T Makey, B Hamann, Joseph Dumit, O Kreylos, L Kellogg, Dawn Sumner, J Crutchfield. Astrobiology Science Conference 2012. Atlanta Georgia. April 16-20.
  • 2012                 “Prescription Maximization and the Accumulation of Surplus Health in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The_Biomarx_Experiment” in Lively Capital, edited by Kaushik Sunder Rajan. Durham: Duke University Press.
  • 2012                 “Twisting the Neurohelix,” Epilogue to The Neuroscientific Turn: Transdisciplinarity in the Age of the Brain, edited by Melissa M. Littlefield and Jenell M. Johnson, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.
  • 2011                 “Critically Picturing Personhood,” in Critical Neuroscience: A Handbook of the Social & Cultural Contexts, edited by Suparna Choudhury & Jan Slaby. Wiley-Blackwell.
  • 2011                 “Haptic Creativity and the Mid-Embodiments of Experimental Life,” with Natasha Myers, in Companion to the Anthropology of Bodies/Embodiment, edited by Fran Mascia-Lees, New York: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.
  • 2010                 “Inter-pill-ation and the Instrumentalization of Compliance,” afterword to New Anthropologies of Medical Compliance, special issue of Anthropology of Medicine, edited by Kalman Applbaum and Michael Oldani, v.17, n.2, February, 2010.
  • 2010                 “Pharmaceutical Witnessing: Drugs for Life in an Era of Direct-To-Consumer Advertising” in Technologized Images, Technologized Bodies, Jeanette Edwards, Penny Harvey, Peter Wade, eds. Oxford: Berghahn Books.
  • 2009                 “Normal Insecurities, Healthy Insecurities,” in The Insecure American, Hugh Gusterson and Catherine Besteman, eds. Berkeley, University of California Press.
  • 2008                 “Biological Feedback,” Forward to Tactical Biopolitics: Art, Activism, and Technoscience, Edited by Beatriz da Costa and Kavita Philip, MIT Press.
  • 2007                 “Introduction” and “Epilogue: Indeterminate Lives, Demands, Relations: Emergent Bioscapes” with Regula Burri, in Biomedicine as Culture: Instrumental Practices, Technoscientific Knowledge, and New Modes of Life, Co-edited with Regula Burri. (Routledge).
  • 2007                 “Social Studies of Scientific Images and Visual Knowledge,” with Regula Burri, in New Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, (2007), Cambridge: MIT Press.
  • 2006                 “Neuroexistentialism,” chapter in Abecedarius of the Sensorium, Exhibition Catalogue, Caroline A. Jones, ed. Cambridge, MA: MIT University Press
  • 2006                 “Informated Health and Ethical Identity Management,” with Nathan Greenslit, Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry, June.
  • 2006                 “Illnesses you have to fight to get: Facts as Forces in Uncertain, Emergent Illnesses,” Social Science and Medicine, part of special issue co-edited by Kyra Lanzelius and Joseph Dumit on “Patient Organized Movements,” v.62, n.3, pp. 577-90.
  • 2005                 “Patient Communication,” with Nathan Greenslit, in Science, Technology, and Society: An Encyclopedia, ed. Sal Restivo. Oxford University Press.
  • 2005                 “‘Come on, people… we *are* the aliens. We seem to be suffering from Host-Planet Rejection Syndrome’: Liminal Illnesses, Structural Damnation, and Social Creativity” Encountering the Extraterrestrial: Anthropology in Outerspaces, ed. Debbora Battaglia. Durham: Duke University Press, pp. 218-234.
  • 2005                 “The depsychiatrisation of mental illness,” Guest Editorial in Journal of Public Mental Health, v.4, n.1, pp. 8-13.
  • 2005                 Turkle, Sherry, Joseph Dumit, et. al. “Information Technologies and Professional Identity:  A Comparative Study of the Effects of Virtuality,” Report to the National Science Foundation, Grant No. 0220347.
  • 2004                 “Trauma,” In Shock and Awe, eds. Bregje van Eekelen, Jennifer Gonzalez, Bettina Stotzer, Anna Tsing, New Pacific Press, Santa Cruz.
  • 2003                 “Is It Me or my Brain?  Depression and Neuroscientific Facts,” The Journal of Medical Humanities, v.24, n.1, 35-48.
  • 2002                 “Technologies de l’émotion,” Cahiers de médiologie (French), N°13.
  • 2002                 “Drugs for Life,” Molecular Interventions, v.2, n.3, pp. 124-7.
  • 2001                 “Playing Truths: Logics of Seeking and the Persistence of the New Age,” Focaal: European Journal of Anthropology, v.37, p. 63-76.
  • 2001                 “Cyborg Anthropology,” with Robbie Davis-Floyd, entry in Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women, edited by: Cheris Kramarae, Dale Spender, Routledge.
  • 2000                 “Artificial Participation: An Interview with Warren Sack, ” in Zeroing in on the Year 2000: The Final Edition, ed. George Marcus. University of Chicago Press.
  • 2000                 “When Explanations Rest: ‘Good-enough’ Brain Science and the New Sociomedical Disorders,”  in Living and Working with the New Biomedical Technologies: Intersections of Inquiry, eds. Margaret Lock, Allan Young and Alberto Cambrosio.  Cambridge University Press.
  • 1999                 “Objective Brains, Prejudicial Images,” Science in Context, v. 12, n. 1, pp. 173-201. Chosen for inclusion in the International Library of Essays in Law and Society, Law and Science Volume I: Epistemological, Evidentiary, and Relational Engagements, edited by Susan Silbey, forthcoming, July 2008.
  • 1998                 “Living with the ‘Truths’ of DES: Toward an Anthropology of Facts,” with Sylvia Sensiper, in Cyborg Babies: From Techno-Sex to Techno-Tots. Davis-Floyd & Dumit, eds., Routledge.
  • 1997                 “A Digital Image of the Category of the Person, PET Scanning and Objective Self-Fashioning,”  in Cyborgs and Citadels: Anthropological Interventions in Emerging Sciences and Technologies, Downey & Dumit eds.  SAR Press.
  • 1997                 “PET Scanner,” “CT Scanner,” and “MR Imaging,” 1000-word entries in Instruments of Science: An Historical Encyclopedia, Robert Bud and Deborah Warner, eds. Garland Press.
  • 1995                 “Cyborg Anthropology,” with Gary Lee Downey and Sarah Williams, Cultural Anthropology, v.10, n.2, pp. 264-269.
  • 1995                 “Brain-Mind Machines and American Technological Dream Marketing,” in The Cyborg Handbook, Chris Hables Gray, Steven Mentor, and Heidi Figueroa-Sarriera, eds. Routledge.
  • 1994                 Twentieth-Century PET: Mind and Brain through the Eye of Technology,” in Technoscientific Imaginaries. George Marcus, ed. University of Chicago Press.

Book Reviews

  • 2008                 Review of Maud Radstake’s Visions of Illness, Medical Anthropology Quarterly,
  • 2007                 Anne E. Becker, Peter J. Guarnaccia, Joseph Dumit and Roberto Lewis-Fernández, “The End Of An Era”, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, v.37, n.2, pp. 127-129.
  • 2006                 “Citizen Neuroethics: Review of The Ethical Brain by Michael S. Gazzaniga,” Biosocieties 1:3, 368-370.
  • 1997                 “Review of God’s Own Scientists: Creationists in a Secular World, by Chris Toumey,” American Ethnologist, v.24, n.3.

Special Issue Editing

  • 2006                 “Psychiatric Cultures,” special issue of Culture, Medicine & Psychiatry, co-edited by Nathan Greenslit and Joseph Dumit, June.
  • 2006                 “Patient Organized Movements,” special issue of Social Science and Medicine, co-edited by Kyra Lanzelius and Joseph Dumit on v.62, n.3.
  • 1991                 “The Pedagogy of Peace and War,” special issue of Journal of Urban and Cultural Studies, co-edited by Chris Hables Gray, Nancy Campbell, and Joseph Dumit, v.2, n.1.

Editorial Positions

  • 2007-Present       Book Series Editor, Experimental Futures: Technological Lives, Scientific Arts, Anthropological Voices, with Michael MJ Fischer, Duke University Press. (15 books so far).
  • 2000-Present       Editorial Board of Cultural Anthropology; AnthroNow,Subjectivities; Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry: An International Journal of Comparative Cross-Cultural Research; Science as Culture; BioSocieties:  an interdisciplinary journal for social studies of neuroscience, genomics and the life sciences; The Journal of Neuro-Aesthetic Theory (online). “Science, Technology and Culture” Series from U Mass Press.
  • 1995-2007          Associate Editor, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry: An International Journal of Comparative Cross-Cultural Research (peer-reviewed). Managing editor until 2003.


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