Embodied Creativity Workshop

          at Aarhus University, Center for Interacting Minds, April 2018

Day 1 – Speaking (Slides)

Day 2 – Moving (no slides)

Day 3 – Designing (Slides)

Scaling and Storytelling with the KeckCAVES

Ethnographic Methods in the Digital Age (Slides)

Data Anthropology and Data Studies (Slides)

Capitalism and Games

FuturePast Events

»Fascia Movement Research Lab (Dumit & O’Connor)


STS.175 Laboratory Studies Lab (Special Fall 2015 Course, limited to 19 students) Fascia Movement Research Lab (led by Prof. Joseph Dumit & Kevin O’Connor) Science & Technology Studies (STS) is the study of how science, technology, and medicine change. Laboratory studies involves participant observation in research labs to understand how facts are negotiated, crafted, and Continue reading…


»Cyborg Babies


From Techno-sex to Techno-tots Edited by Robbie Davis-Floyd and Joseph Dumit (Routledge, Aug 1998) From fetuses scanned ultrasonically to computer hackers in daycare, contemporary children are increasingly rendered cyborg by their immersion in technoculture. As we are faced with reproductive choices connected directly with technologies, we often have trouble gaining perspective on our own cultural Continue reading…


»Playing Truths


Logics of Seeking and the Persistence of the New Age File Here