Embodied Creativity Workshop

Day 1 – Speaking (Slides)

Day 2 – Moving (no slides)

Day 3 – Designing (Slides)

Scaling and Storytelling with the KeckCAVES

Ethnographic Methods in the Digital Age (Slides)

Data Anthropology and Data Studies (Slides)

Capitalism and Games

»Embodying Improvisation


What are we talking about when we talk about embodiment, bodies, our bodies, other bodies? How did we learn to talk these ways that these words come so easily out of our mouths and fingers? And are we always improvising, and if so, how, and against what background of non-improvisation? Embodying Improvisation Class Winter 13 Continue reading…


»Cyborg Anthropology


The text of a paper we presented at the 1992 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association in San Francisco. It represents a first attempt at positioning cyborg anthropology in a late capitalist world that situates academic theorizing alongside popular theorizing. We view cyborg anthropology as a descriptive label that marks a cultural project rather Continue reading…